Good Gravy.
       I've lost any and all resolve at these Holiday Parties. I eat and eat and eat. It's like I enter this strange drone like state wherein calories don't count and I can have as much of the cheese plate as I want without any consequences. (cut to later that night when my wife wants to divorce me for methane emissions). 
I have to make this brief as this week has decided to explode with responsibilty. Thank you all so much for the great feedback on these last few shows. I'm honored to have your attention in these frenetic times. 

This week we have the DIY master Ari Herstand on the show. Do yourself a favor and check him out on the web after you get done listening to this episode, Hell, maybe even during this episode, you're good at multi-tasting right?

Find Ari on the web:

Be well my friends, 

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