Jake Newton was raised in the Mountains outside of Yosemite National Park. He grew up playing music with his family, and lived the childhood of a dreamer, surrounded by nature; head in the clouds. There was one stop light in his town. The nearest record store was 45 miles away. It was perfect isolation. As he grew, he yearned for the excitement and vitality the city promised, the faint sounds and pictures that came to him through the T.V. static.

Upon graduation of high school, he left for Los Angeles to pursue the life of an actor. Slugging out a living, doing a manner of odd jobs, he eventually landed minor success in small movie, and television roles. After the performance of a play one night, one in which required Jake Play an original song on guitar, a fellow musician approached him, clasped him on the shoulders and said, “You’re a great actor, but you’re a better musician.” It was only several years later, that Newton truly took this to heart. He began slowly, playing small dives up and down the sunset strip, even briefly fronting a Jeff Buckley cover band.

Eventually Newton found a home at the Hotel Café, along side fellow musicians, such as Cary Brothers, Priscilla Ahn, Greg Laswell, and Joshua Radin. Though not a household name yet, (unless you count his Mother), Newton continues to create brave, heartfelt music, as a Multi-instrumentalist, with haunting, and melodious Vocals.